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11 Factors to Consider When Hiring Security Guards for Events

Imagine you spent weeks planning an event just for a security issue to make the whole plan go downhill. Either you forgot to hire security or you didn’t have adequate security guards. At your next event, you can’t make the same mistake again. You need to plan ahead of time and hire a security company that you can trust. Finding the best security guards for events requires conducting interviews.

When you meet with a security guard or company, consider these factors to make the best hiring decision:

1. Qualifications and Licensure

Security guards for events should have the correct licensing and qualifications for an Atlanta event. At the very least, the security guards should have obtained a Master Security License. The license should be up to date.

Security guards should also have proper certifications, including a First Aid Certificate. This means security guards are trained in CPR and know how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

A professional security company should have years of experience and a proven track record. These professionals can manage difficult situations calmly and effectively.

The company should be able to show proof of valid and current licenses, certifications, and insurance.

General liability and auto liability are important for security companies. Ask if your event would be covered under these policies if you were to hire them.

When you thoroughly check for qualifications and licensure, you can prove that the company you hire is competent to handle a variety of security problems.

2. Locally Operated

Each area has unique security risks based on the population. It’s always best to hire a security company familiar with your part of the country.

Atlanta security guards are better equipped to deal with security situations in the area. They know how to handle problems due to the knowledge they have of the Atlanta culture.

You might wish to choose security guards within the community who have prior military or law enforcement experience. These individuals are trained, not only in security, but they understand the law.

Iron Shield Protection hires staff from exceptional backgrounds to secure events as well as diplomatic and executive protection services.

Locally operated security guards may work for a security company or be directly recruited by you.

Utilizing a security company is typically the better option because they are required to complete background checks on employees and will have the proper licensure and insurance.

3. Versatility

Securing your events is necessary, but you might have other needs as a business. Hire a security company that is versatile and offers a wide range of security services.

This ensures your security needs are always met with a reputable company that you know you can trust. You might not realize the scope of security services you need. Having a company that can meet your needs across the board is helpful.

For example, selecting a security company that has experience with multiple types of security will benefit you in the long run, not just for one event. They may offer services like secure executive transportation for your VIP guests.

It’s important to hire a security company that is familiar with your event type. Ask questions when connecting with a security company. They can tell you whether or not they have experience working events like yours.

If a security guard is used to working in schools, they might not be the best option for film and television security services.

4. Security Needs

Since there are many security options out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Consider your security needs based on the type of event you are hosting.

How much security does your event require? Think about the scale of your function. If you need air transport for your high-profile guests, consider security guards for this process too.

These are common primary concerns of event hosters:

  • Crowd control
  • Access control
  • Conflict resolution

You’ll need more security guards for large events with hundreds of guests. The general rule of thumb is to hire one security guard for every 100 people expected.

Having the right balance between security guards and guests is important.

If you don’t have enough people working the event, your guests won’t have adequate protection. In contrast, too many security guards might make your guests feel intimidated.

A large event with many points of entry and exit will require a hefty security presence. You don’t want to be held liable for someone’s injury because you didn’t hire adequate security.

Plus, having a trained security guard on site can help save someone’s life.

Factors like serving alcohol will influence the behavior of guests and may heighten the need for more security.

If your event is on the smaller side, but you have expensive assets and high-profile guests, more security is better.

If you still aren’t sure how much security you’ll need, discuss the event details with a security company. They can ensure your guest’s safety by offering their experienced opinion on security needs.

5. Venue Layout

The security team you hire must have a proper understanding of the venue’s layout. This small consideration makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of security.

Your security team should complete their assessment of the venue to determine:

  • Where each security guard should be stationed
  • Unique circumstances that require special consideration
  • Any access points that may be vulnerable

The venue you choose may also have its own security requirements. You and your security team need to be aware of these regulations.

Always choose a security partner willing to walk the grounds themselves. This is a sign of a great security team. They will know where the exits are, how the parking lot is set up, and more.

After walking the grounds, they can determine the best security plan, whether you need estate security or public venue security. The plan will depend on where you hold your event.

Security guards might be stationed at the venue while others are positioned further away watching as guests arrive. A reach like this is essential for high-profile events.

6. Full-Service Security Team

If you know you only need security guards for events, you don’t necessarily need a full-service security team. However, you might benefit from working with these businesses for large-scale events.

A larger event is going to need more than a couple of security guards. Working with a full-service security team provides you with all the security needs you require without having to hire multiple event security services.

Consider choosing a company that offers the following services:

  • Armed and unarmed security guard services
  • Personal bodyguards
  • Video surveillance
  • Other security solutions

Combining on-the-ground security guards with cutting-edge technology is a great way to ensure you get the event protection you need. Iron Shield Protection offers the latest security technology to clients.

7. Customer Service

Having an open line of communication with a security company is key to a great relationship. The security team works for you so they should be ready to address your concerns, keep you in the loop, and answer any questions you may have.

A security team is supposed to make you feel safe. If something feels off while meeting with security guards, they don’t have the best customer service.

Of course, security is the number one goal you want your team to achieve, but customer service is second. Don’t hire a company that doesn’t prioritize customer service.

You should feel comfortable choosing the right security service. Not only is this beneficial for you, but your guests can feel safe and comfortable at your event as well.

If you are hosting a business event, you let customers and employees know that you prioritize their well-being by hiring security guards. If security guards aren’t kind to your guests, your reputation is the one that is on the line.

8. Uniform Options

Depending on your event, you might not care what the security guards wear. If you are holding a black-tie event, you’ll want your security guards to dress the part.

When choosing a security company, ask whether or not they have different choices in uniforms to fit your occasion. Some of the common security uniform options are:

  • Police-style uniforms
  • Polo shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Suit and tie
  • Plain clothes

If the company doesn’t offer multiple uniform options, the guards might not fit your event needs. You could be asked to pay for uniform options that they don’t already have if your event requires them.

9. Reputation

Finding out the reputation of an event security company is easier with the internet. A quick Google search will help you determine how highly the business is recommended.

During your search, refrain from letting complaints deter you. Bad reviews are some of the first results to pop up. It’s difficult to have a perfect set of reviews, so make sure you dive deeper into your search if you see them.

Look at ratings from Google and review sites like Yelp. Social networks are another great way to determine reputation. The Better Business Bureau should have a rating for the security company that can help you decide.

If you want to take it a step further, ask the company for client references. You can speak with real customers to learn if they had a satisfactory experience.

Word of mouth is one of the most trustworthy forms of marketing. Talking to customers or asking people you know for recommendations will go a long way in your search.

10. Training

Hiring security guards who are properly trained is vital to your event. Regardless of the company you decide to use, the guards need to be prepared to handle emergencies and routine tasks.

Don’t be afraid to ask a security company what type of training they provide to employees. You’ll want this knowledge to see if it meets or exceeds the expectations in Georgia.

If you need armed guards for your event, they should receive specialized training in firearm use. Depending on your event type, you might feel more comfortable with armed guards, unarmed guards, or both.

In Georgia, you don’t need a license to purchase or carry a firearm. It might be beneficial to hire an armed security guard with a weapons carry license anyway.

Ask for specifics about the training and who will be working on your event. You can check out these specific security guards thoroughly before making a final decision.

A reputable security company will be happy to discuss how they have prepared to help secure events like yours.

11. Price

You should have an event budget that allocates some of the funds to security. To determine pricing, ask security companies these questions:

  • How frequently will I be billed? (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  • Do you charge a flat rate for all employees?
  • Does your business cover uniform costs?
  • Does your business cover equipment and supplies?
  • Are there add-ons supplied to your event at no cost to me?

It’s important to ask these questions because some security companies might charge for services differently than others.

For instance, some businesses may charge a different hourly rate for security guards compared to video surveillance usage.

If you have a one-time event, hourly rates might be better for your situation. If you need help seasonally, flat monthly rates could make things more affordable.

A security company should be able to hear the details of your event and offer you a total cost estimation. You can ask various companies for quotes to compare your options.

It’s not recommended to go with the lowest bidding price. Choosing a low-ball number could cost you in the end. When it comes to security, you get what you pay for.

Security Guards for Events: Services That You Can Trust

Hiring security guards for events requires time and research if you want the best services for your needs. When you have an event coming up, you can use this guide as a reminder of the hiring factors you should consider.

At Iron Shield Protection, we take the stress out of security for you. We have a team of seasoned security professionals with proven track records in safeguarding events in Atlanta, Georgia.

We understand that your event needs are unique. We take a customized approach to addressing your concerns. Contact us today for a personalized event security plan.

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