5 Things to Look for in Executive Protection Services

If there’s one thing you can’t compromise on, it’s your own security.

The global physical security industry is on track to top $290 billion by 2025. As with many outsourced services, it can be hard to sift the experts from the opportunists. To find security protection services that will get the job done, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Let’s take a look at 5 things to look for in executive protection services.

1. Experience

Security expertise is one of those fields in life that’s overlooked by laymen. Most of us don’t think about the vast range of variables that go into effective security.

That’s why experience is key to providing effective security. Inexperienced security providers will miss “obvious” security vulnerabilities of the kind a hostile party would target.

There’s a long road that leads to effective security. Don’t let a company tell you otherwise.

2. The Professionals

Far from the Hollywood image of jumping recklessly in front of bullets, your executive protection services should be the pinnacle of box-ticking professionalism.

There’s a laundry list of stuff to take care of when you’re protecting a person. The only way to accomplish that is with dotted Is and crossed Ts. Effective security is about leaving nothing to chance.

You’re looking for a company that will treat your security with the utmost professionalism and carry out full risk assessments before they deploy.

3. Contact

Security isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s an analog field, filled with changeable factors.

You’ll need executive security services that understand this. The right service provider will be willing to work with you to establish your needs. That will help both parties determine the best way to protect your VIPs.

Communication is also vital to keep everyone working together. Security can’t protect someone who goes off-script. Likewise, the subject needs to know their security team’s plans if they want to work with them.

4. The Fine Print

When you’re purchasing security services, you need to know exactly what you’re getting and where your service begins and ends.

To lock in these details, you need security services that can clearly set things out in their contract. It’s vital to know you’re both on the same page for security purposes — and for deciding responsibility should anything go wrong.

5. The Price That Buys the Service

There are some things in life you can afford to skimp on. Security services aren’t one of those things.

If you need security services in the first place, then you need services you know will get the job done. That can mean spending a little extra to get quality services and cut out the timewasters.

True professionals will be happy to itemize their fees to show you what your money pays for. 

Finding the Right Executive Protection Services for You

These pointers should help you pick the right executive protection services out from the pack. Your exact needs will be specific to you, but with this advice in mind, you can find a partner that works.

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