Preparing for the Worst: Why Practicing an Active Shooter Drill Is Vital

Preparing for the worst should be on the minds of everyone. At Ironshield Protection, we teach you why practicing an active shooter drill is vital.

You’re at a fast-food restaurant waiting for your take-out order. An irate person bursts into the restaurant with a handgun and starts shooting. Panic ensues, with frantic patrons scurrying in all directions. You freeze, unable to move. 

You hear about such events in the news, but you thought it would never happen to you. 

Most mass shootings occur at educational facilities and businesses. But an active shooting scenario could happen anywhere.

The most common reaction is to run and hide. However, recent guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security suggest that you should confront the shooter if you have no other alternative.

This article will show you the best and worst ways to deal with an active shooter situation. Read on if you wish to remain prepared. 

Your First Option

If you’re in the presence of a mass shooting, run to the nearest hiding spot. If you’re in the attacker’s line of sight, run away in a zig-zag fashion to avoid the bullets. Active motion of any kind makes it harder for shooters to hit you.

Also, be mindful of nearby exits and escape routes. When practicing during a drill, create an escape plan that you can rely on during a genuine emergency.

As you run to safety, be familiar with the following threat zones:

  • Hot Zones
  • Warm Zones
  • Cold Zones

In law enforcement terms, hot zones occur when the shooting is taking place. Warm zones happen after the shooting supposedly ends. Under warm zones, police officers also remain with first responders to protect them.

You’ll find first responders and medical equipment in the cold zone.

Your first priority is to get out of the hot zone at all cost. 

Ideal Hiding Places

If you’re far away from cold or warm zones, look for empty rooms. Close the door and lock it.

If possible, barricade the door with anything you can find. If you’re unable to find enclosed shelter, avoid the following errors:

  • Getting down
  • Hiding under desks and tables

Remaining still in the open makes you a prime target. Rather, look for any barrier that can safeguard you from the bullets. The most prudent option is to find the nearest exit and search for the cold zone. 

Engaging an Attacker

Engaging an attacker should be the last resort. It’s also worth noting that law enforcement officials should be the primary aggressors when engaging an active shooter. However, preparing for a mass shooting also means using nearby objects as weapons if you find yourself cornered.

  • Example: Throw a laptop at the shooter if you’re too close. Any other nearby item could be a worthwhile projectile. 

Additionally, groups of people could pile on and confront the shooter. The number of people attacking could overpower an assailant and disrupt his rampage. In most cases, a shooter doesn’t want to engage in a physical confrontation. 

What Else Can I Do in the Event of an Active Shooter Situation?

If you encounter an active, shooter scenario, run and find the nearest escape route. There’s no full-proof way to deal with an active shooter. But planning ahead will help you prepare. 

There are other security steps you can take to preserve your life during a mass shooting. For more information on security, contact us today so we help safeguard you from potential threats.

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