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4 Reasons Why a Popular Celebrity Calls Upon Armed Security

Everyone wants to be a popular celebrity until they realize how much they have to give up in the process. No longer can you browse a supermarket alone without getting stopped by random fans. There’s also the risk of the paparazzi ambushing you outside of your home, which is supposed to be a safe space. 

To avoid the dangers of celebrity, there’s the option of paying for executive protection. Security for celebrities takes into account all the specific challenges they may face. 

Here are four reasons why a celebrity might hire protection officers.

1. Provides a Safer State of Mind

Traveling alone is always stressful, even when you’re relatively unknown. But when people know your face, it puts a spotlight on you. 

Having armed security means that you always have people there to back you up, regardless of the situation. If you’re performing at a concert, you have bodyguards that will hold the fans back. Anyone traveling in a foreign country will also have protection against unknown threats. 

Protection can be hired on either a long or a short-term basis, depending on your needs. You can also get discrete protection that won’t draw unwanted attention.

2. Helps Defend Against Aggressive Fans

Speaking of celebrity dangers, how can a celebrity handle an aggressive fan without ending up on the news? Any time someone popular lays hands on another person, it becomes a big controversy. The best way to avoid that is by leaving it to your security. 

While a security guard can’t make an arrest, they can detain individuals. They can also use reasonable force if a situation demands it. 

3. Protects From the Paparazzi 

Another common issue celebrities face is the paparazzi. These photographers will do anything within their power to get the perfect photo. In many cases, they’ll even break the law to get their shot. 

The primary way security protects its clients is through intimidation and their presence. Paparazzi will be less enticed to try and get the perfect shot if you have armed personnel surrounding you at all times. Even if they attempt to take photos, their client will be partly obscured by their guard. 

4. Emergency Medical Care Is Always At Hand

One of the unknown benefits of security for celebrities is that they aren’t just armed guards. The best bodyguard agencies train their employees in basic emergency medical care

Some of the things they’re trained to assist with include trauma emergencies, chemical attack response, airway ventilation, and pharmacological intervention. 

Although they won’t replace a proper emergency medical team or hospital, they can keep you alive long enough to receive more advanced treatment.

Stay Safe as a Popular Celebrity

Anyone that would consider themselves a popular celebrity should invest in professional celebrity protection. In particular, armed security is the best way to keep yourself safe from fans, paparazzi, and worse. Just make sure you do your research before using an agency. 

Iron Shield Protection provides executive protection services, security services, and more. We also offer investigation services in addition to security consulting. Contact us to learn more and book a consultation. 

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