The Importance of Corporate Security Risk Assessment and Planning

When safety is the cost, corporations can’t afford operating without security risk assessment. Discover how ISP will develop effective strategies for mitigation.

Your corporate security system is kind of like your car. You don’t know how important it is until it breaks down.

And today, security is more important than ever because the attacks aren’t just physical. Everything from your front door to your customer database is at risk. 

That’s where a risk assessment consulting can help. Security consulting should be part of your security policy. Have a risk assessment done every year by a third party consulting firm.  

Keep reading to learn the importance of a corporate security risk assessment. 

It Shows You What’s Out There

Mass shootings, ransomware attacks, and data breaches. These are just a few examples of common security risks. But there are so many more to consider. 

In a risk assessment, your security firm will take a look at your current system. They’ll put together a comprehensive list of possible threats. This list should include both physical threats and cyber threats

Then they’ll rank these threats in order of probability. Knowing what’s out there and knowing the probability of it happening is important. It gives you the tools you’ll need to move forward in improving security systems. 

It Provides an Outside Opinion

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. You may believe that you have a good security system in place. But it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. 

The risk assessment will score the elements of your current security system. This includes things like cameras, secure phone lines, and data security. And how each element scores helps you understand where you need improvement. 

An assessment also gives you a plan of attack. You can consult with the security firm using what you know about your current system. And create a plan and a timeline for improving your system. 

Make sure that a regular risk assessment is part of your security policy. This makes it easier to do them in the future.

Allow your assessment team to do the risk analysis. Then create a review structure so that your people understand the report.

The next year when you have the assessment done again, you’ll have the steps in place. You’ll know how to interpret the readings. And you’ll know how to plan for future security changes. 

It Saves You Money in the Long Run

No matter how much money your company makes, you can’t afford a data breach. Data breaches cost over $3 million on average! That’s too much money to leave up to chance. 

Also, the US reports more data breaches than any other nation. Utilizing a risk assessment can prevent a data breach before it happens. This saves you time and money.

The cost of a breach isn’t only evident in the stolen dollars. It can have huge impacts on PR. Lost customers are one of the highest costs associated with breaches. 

There are cost issues with physical security breaches too. If people are injured, physically or emotionally, you’ll have to cover those costs through insurance. Which means raised insurance premiums in the future. 

Don’t Dilly-Dally! Get Your Security Risk Assessment Today

You can’t afford security issues. Having the right security systems in place gives your employees and your customers greater peace of mind. And a security risk assessment is the right choice to lower risk. 

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