5 Signs You Need Security Consulting

We’re living in insecure times, both in real life as well as digitally. Here are 5 signs you need security consulting for your organization.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably realized that your business’s IT security is lacking in a way. According to statistics, over 80 percent of business owners say their cybersecurity is strong enough, yet the number of recent cyber crime breaches suggest otherwise.

In most cases, businesses don’t want to accept that their IT security is not adequate and that they need security consulting. Sometimes they don’t realize when it’s the right time to hire a cybersecurity consultant, especially if they are a small growing business.

Below we have compiled a list of 5 un-ignorable signs you need an IT security consultant:

1. The Statistics Suggest It’s Not Safe

According to Security Intelligence, the number of cybersecurity attacks in recent years is astonishing. By November 2016, over 50 small and mid-sized businesses reported having suffered at least one cyber attack in that year alone. Sadly, it cost these businesses over $800,000 in damages on average.

Plus, the companies had to incur over $900,000 on average to rectify the damages and get their operational again. That means they had to spend around $1.7 million correcting mistakes that would have otherwise avoided.

Generally, the industry is not safe, and now is the right time to hire a cybersecurity consultant. You don’t want your business to go under within six months, like 60% of all companies hit by a cyber attack do.

2. Your Business Is Relying on Outdated Tech

Nowadays, tech becomes obsolete in a matter of months. If you’re relying on the same systems you were using last year; the chances are high that hackers could easily breach your system today. Hackers love exploiting vulnerabilities that a security consultant can help identify beforehand.

If you’re working with outdated systems, you need a security consultant to upgrade them and protect your valuable business data. They’ll assess your business and identify ways to improve your security measures.

3. If You Notice That Your Employees Are Coming up Short

In most cases, employees are the weakest link in an organization when it comes to security matters. Your workers should know about cyber threats and potential security breaches when they see them. If they don’t, then you need to hire a security consultant to train them.

Cybersecurity consultants will not only bring in new security measures to thwart cybercrime but also educate your employees on how to identify and tackle security threats.

4. Your Business Is Expanding

If your business is growing fast, don’t think twice about hiring an IT security consultant. Companies open themselves up to all types of cyber threats when they expand. This is because more loopholes form along the way; the business starts making higher profits, and hackers know there are more money and information to steal.

5. Your Industry Is Under Attack

If you see your neighbor’s house burning, be worried. A piece of burning wood could fly into your home and light it up also. If your industry has suffered recent cyber attacks, hire a security consultant immediately to ensure your security systems are in order.

Bringing in an expert could save you from being the next target. Act before hackers make a move on you!

Security Consulting Is Not a Question of IF

You shouldn’t be asking if it’s necessary to hire security consulting in this age and era. Security should be preventative. Hire a professional cybersecurity consultant and save your business from potential collapse.

Contact us today for the cybersecurity expertise you can count on!

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