Personal Protection: The 5 People Who Definitely Need a Bodyguard for Hire

Executive protection isn’t just for presidents and diplomats. Here’s a list of the 5 people who need a bodyguard for hire to ensure their personal protection.

Did you know that the police only solve around 18-46% of crimes?

If you also factor in the statistic that less than half of all crimes even get reported to the police, this can make the world feel scarier.

If you want to take your safety into your own hands, you should look into getting a bodyguard for hire. As it turns out, you don’t have to be a celebrity or political figure to need one.

Keep reading to learn about 5 other kinds of people who can benefit from a bodyguard.

1. Important Business Figures Need a Bodyguard for Hire

It’s not easy running a business. Not only do you have to manage people, make tough decisions, and crunch numbers, but you also have to worry about crimes.

When you’re the head of a large company, that puts you at risk for all sorts of conflict. If you fire people or work with untrustworthy employees, you could get into trouble with confrontations, robberies, kidnappings, and more. This is why a bodyguard is indispensable.

2. Well-Known People Benefit from a Personal Protection Speacialist.

If a lot of people know who you are, there are more chances you can meet someone who doesn’t like you. Even if you are well-liked and do good work for your community, it only takes one unhappy person to threaten your wellbeing.

It may feel excessive to hire a bodyguard, but anyone can act out of anger, jealousy, or greed if they know you’re successful.

3. Anyone Who Is Wealthy or Carries Important Goods Needs Bodyguards for Hire

Since robbers and muggers target the wealthy, any time you flaunt your finances you could be in danger. This threat is persistent if you own a nice home.

If your job or lifestyle also requires you to carry important documents or other goods, a bodyguard will make sure you can travel anywhere safely.

4. People in Legal Trouble Can Use a Personal Bodyguard

Although laws are put in place to help protect people, sometimes the system can set people up for more trouble.

If you’re filing for a divorce, handling a domestic violence dispute, testifying against a violent criminal, or getting involved with the law in other dangerous ways, a bodyguard will get you through those difficult times.

5. A Sudden “Claim to Fame” Is a Good Reason for Hiring a Bodyguard

Most well-known people work hard to gain their status in society. However, there are plenty of other ways that someone can gain star status overnight.

You could win the lottery, claim an inheritance, get an unexpected promotion, or experience any other circumstances that earn you a lot of money fast. If you become a notable person who’s the target of envy, a bodyguard can protect your new assets.

Do You Need to Hire a Bodyguard?

As you can see, you don’t have to be a world leader in order to need extra protection.

If you’re interested in getting a bodyguard for hire, Iron Shield Protection has you covered. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep you and your loved ones safe.

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