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Guide to Understanding What Is a Corporate Investigation?

For businesses to remain successful, they need to stay on top of potential vulnerabilities. Read this guide to understanding what are corporate investigations.

Do you own a company? It can be an amazing achievement and with the rise of the internet and smartphones, there’s been a better time to put your business idea into practice. This is the era of digital transformation for small or medium-sized businesses. 

But if you’re a small or medium-sized business trying to grow into a larger company or take advantage of new technology fast like blockchain, you may soon encounter some problems. As the founder of the company, it can be hard to keep track of everything that is going on.

If you suspect that something is going wrong within the company, then you may want to instigate a corporate investigation. Here’s how internal corporate investigations can help you uncover what’s going on inside your business. 

Is Your Partner Legitimate?

What if you set up a business with a partner. Maybe you didn’t have the capital required to start it upfront and wanted to split this with someone you thought you trusted. 

If you are setting up a business that has a foreign element to it sometimes it can be useful even mandatory to have a partner with citizenship in that country. This is to comply with rules that prevent foreigners from owning businesses outright. 

But what if your business partner is a fraud? Perhaps the qualifications or expertise they said they would bring to the business are false or perhaps they have other motives for wanting to become your business partner such as laundering money. Or perhaps they have debts they never told you about.

A corporate investigation can get to the bottom of this as well as being discreet. This way your business partner won’t realize they are being investigated. 

Financial Investigations

One of the more complex investigations that an investigator can instigate is a financial investigation. This is looking into allegations of corruption, financial misconduct, or fraud by following the money.

Employees, managers or business partners who are committing these kinds of crimes in the business have often tried to cover them up.

A business investigation will involve a team of investigators examining every aspect of the business’ accounts to establish what is going on. 

Workplace Culture Investigations 

Sometimes it is not the company finances that are the issue but the culture within the workplace. If you are away from the office a lot or are a silent partner, you might not be aware of what is going on.

An investigation into the workplace can uncover whether there is a culture of misconduct between managers and employees. It can also identify whether certain practices and company policies are contributing to this culture. 

Corporate Investigations Can Help You Get Back on Top of Your Business 

Corporate investigations might sound complicated. You might even feel as if you are betraying your employees or business partner. But, it is right that you should instigate a company investigation if you feel that something is not right in your company.

Turning a blind eye could lead to the issues escalating and even a criminal investigation in which you could be accused of negligence. 

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