Startling Workplace Violence Statistics

We’ve unfortunately seen it all too often on the news. Whether it’s an active shooter or a common type, be aware of the alarming workplace violence statistics.

Americans spend around 7.9 hours at work every day, compared with 2.9 hours at home. This means you (and other people in the workforce) spend the majority of your time at your place of employment.

The atmosphere of your office is vital in not only workplace safety, but also employee happiness. While not everything is in your control, there are a few things you can learn from things that are trending. Here are some important workplace violence statistics you should know about.

Not All Workplace Violence Is Physical

First off, we have to dispel the notion that workplace violence is only physical. There are many other types of workplace violence, such as bullying, harassment, and verbal threats.

In fact, 96% of employees in America experience bullying at work. This statistic may come as a shock to you, especially if you feel your employees are happy for the most part.

But just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Many workers are afraid to report workplace bullying since in many cases, they lose their jobs while the bullies get to stay at the company.

Gun Violence Is Becoming More Commonplace

In the last few years, the total number of incidents has hovered around 60,000 and the number of deaths has been around 15,000. A large number of these incidents happen in public spaces; this means it can easily happen at your workplace.

To minimize the effects from a potential shooting, make sure you have an active shooter plan for your business.

The Healthcare Industry Has the Most Workplace Violence

Although medical professionals work hard to provide good healthcare to their patients, they’re the ones who receive the most workplace violence from their “customers.”

80% of EMS personnel, 76% of emergency physicians, and 100% of emergency nurses have experienced violence from their patients. Also, 70% of psychiatric professionals go through physical assault in a year, and 16% of nurses with dementia patients in nursing homes are attacked daily.

There Are Almost 2 Million Workplace Violence Victims Annually

You might think workplace violence isn’t very commonplace, but the fact is, almost 2 million employees will go through it every year. There’s a very real chance that a few of your employees have already experienced workplace violence.

It’s the Second Leading Cause of Death (On the Job) for Women

The leading cause of death for women on the job is roadway accidents. The second is workplace violence. In 2013, the statistic for women who died from workplace violence was triple that for men.

Keep These Workplace Violence Statistics in Mind

As you can see from the above workplace violence statistics, many unfortunate circumstances occur in offices. While they may not all be physical, other types of workplace violence (such as harassment and intimidation) can have profound effects on your employees. Keep your workplace safe by having the proper protection, training, and education in place.

If you feel your workplace needs extra protection, please get in touch with us now.

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